dimanche, octobre 10, 2010

Who wants/dares to talk in Mexico?

After few months of silence, it is me again. I have decided to write again and share some thoughts. Blogging is not an easy thing to do. It requires a lot of discipline. One can have everyday a lot of ideas and thoughts to share, but to put them in to words is not  as easy as to just say it.

Lately I have been thinking on what should I do with my life. I still can't find the job I want. I am still "homeless" and have the impression I am wasting my time.

I see how the world is going wrong and I can not stop thinking of what should I do to solve it. Is so hard to see how simple democracy conceptions as freedom of expression and human rights are inexistant in my own country.   What scares mel the most, is that the people arround me just seemed to don't care. They are just thinking on how will they get drunk on the next weekend. Is amazing to see them spending on alcohol a lot of money while a little boy, who shouldn't be working, is trying to sell them some gum or chocolates for a ridiculous price, and they just ignore him. What's wrong with this world? Why people prefer to ignore the problems rather to be involved and take action about it?

All this indifference in one hand and in the other we see all this violence involving my home land. Everyday  we find out that censorship is much more present arround us. And not the one existing in Latin America from the 70's, where dictatorships wouldn't let the opposition to express them selves. Now a fail and corrupted state just can't protect the freedom of speech and our journalist are threatened or murdered . Finding out how the Mexican mafia is taking control over the country, or any other denounce could be a motive to be persecuted or murdered.

How to stop this? I really can't find the solution. I guess we just shouldn't be afraid of talk and express our selves.

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