vendredi, août 31, 2007

About conwebs and paths

Every single day we have to make choices. They draw the paths of our life. Some are bigger and more difficult to take. I am sure that most of us have at least once have tought: What if ...?

It is so funny how often we are confronted to moments where we need to take decisions. Last night during my insomnia cisis I was planning what to write about in my blog and considered the idea of the importance of choices and decisions in life. After having a couple of thoughts on my head I went to bed again and forgot about the idea. But this morning a very good friend needed to take a decision and wanted my advice. It is when I realised how often we have to say yes or no, left or right, up or down.

Sometimes it is so hard to decide what to do. It is so complicated to know if what we are doing is the right thing to do. How to know that what we want is the best for ourselves?How should we know that what we have chosen will bring us happyness or sadness?

Our life is like a conweb or a labirynth where one decision is taking us to one or other path. Maybe there is no a good or bad decision, may be it is just about life.

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manu a dit…

merci pour ton écoute, tes critiques, tes mots durs et tes conseils. merci de m'avoir fait réfléchir et douter. merci de m'avoir engueuler. merci de m'avoir fait comprendre combien je l'aimais, elle. sans egoisme, sans fierté, sans crainte de la perdre ou remords de l'avoir perdue. je regrette bien sûr que notre route fusse si courte, et me sens 100 % responsable, mais at least, je sais. et a défaut de pardon, je n'espère plus que son bonheur et me rejouis dejà de la moindre de ses bonnes nouvelles. Alors arpente, continue a choisir des chemins, andi, et si parfois au bout tu trouves l'impasse, dis toi bien que l'aller/retour vaut mille fois l'immobilité. bises