vendredi, août 03, 2007

And now... some words in english

Well, well,

Although I have never written an english entry in my blog in, I guess it is time to do it... I can imagine that some of my english speaker friends would like to know more about what I am writing.
For a while I just keep complaining about the bad thing of being unemployed. But then i realised that NOW I have tha time to do all those things I did not have time to. I have been spending my days as an unemployed in a very crative way. I write much more often now in my blog and I also enjoy again going to Bikram Yoga but mainly have been painting lots!
Hope I will be able to show something soonhere in Berlin. My goal is to do it on next January in Mexico City.
For the moment I just need to keep working. But I have to keep trying to have an enough dose of inspiration and motivation, if not I risk to fail my goal.

And just for those who are curious here is a little bit of what I have been doing, though is not so new, this is my style. I painted this last year, but now I am working in aseries of women nudes.
DSC02689 Hope you will like my work. And please I would be happy to have some feedback.

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Yo soy incapaz de escribir en inglés.
De todas formas, no olvides mencionar que, además del yoga y la pintura, te estás dedicando a tus quehaceres de maruja! Ya sé que no tiene glamour como pintar mujeres desnudas (no olvides lo de las tetas grandes y la cintura de avispa, please), pero reconoce que no te desagrada :-p
Molts petons, nena.
Yoyo, haciendo tiempo para irme al Prater.

SOY13 a dit…

I like that yellow body.

Somehow that painting would be called "A shrink sun". What I think is that reflects interesting moods of either mystery or risk. Definetly it contains a very large scheme for interpretation.

Keep working in your blog. Post more paintings and, by the way, love that picture on the cat which reminded me some Magritte´s models.


Sr. K a dit…

Me parece excelente que retomes tu blog que ya tenías muy olvidado. Espero escribas más seguido y en idiomas que en lo personal entienda.

Que padre lo qeu queires hacer en México en enero, sabes que ahí estaré para darte el apoyo que necesites. Ya ven porque ya te quiero ver!

Besos y el que estés desempleada no es un sinónimo a estar de huevona, como veo que NO has hecho.