mercredi, juin 23, 2010

What is happening with the Millenium Development Goals?

Ten years went by super fast, it is already 2010 and the dateline to reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDG'S) is getting closer and closer.

By now we are still far on the process of ending with poverty and hunger, or giving access to everyone to some other basic rights such as quality education, productive and decent employment, good health and shelter; the right of women to give birth without risking their lives, environmental sustainability, and women and men equality.
We know that all the rich countries could help on making the MDG's a reality. Some countries are taking action one example is the work Italy is doing in Mozambique on health care investment. This has reduced the mortality rate of women while giving birth. As well Germany has been investing on Ghana's primary school education now a day’s more than 1.2 million children have been able to attend school. These are just a couple of examples which prove that changes can be done.

But there is still a lot to be done and the clock is running. Therefore let´s show to our world leaders that the MDG's should be fulfilled in 5 years. Therefore I invite you to join this Oxfam International Campaign The Big Promise to challenge them to deliver education and health to all.
Please JOIN!

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